Improve Self Awareness Through Inner Insight – Discover Who You Really Are

Why do you need to improve self-awareness? How will inner insight help you? These are questions you might need answering right now at this time in your life.  Honestly, by being self-aware, you create an opportunity to make changes in your life. Having clear perceptions of our self which includes our personality, strengths, weaknesses, thoughts,

Short Inspirational Poem

Today I was working on myself and wrote a short inspirational poem. Hope you all like as much as I enjoyed writing it.  dark lonely night…When thoughts run astray…facing my worst fears…seconds slowly tick by…teasing me with their clicking sound…the one odd click brings me back…that’s when I realize…I am strong, I am enough It’s

4-Step Guide On How to Overcome Obsessive Compulsive Behavior Actions (That ANYONE Can Follow)

What is Obsessive Compulsive Behavior Obsessive-compulsive behavior is the continuous repetition of action without it leading to an actual reward or pleasure. Sometimes people will do the action over and over hoping that they can make the obsession go away. The action is usually small, but sometimes can be life-threatening. Over 50 million people in

4 Effective Ways to Beat Your Emotional Attachment Disorder Into Submission

An emotional attachment disorder does not only relate to a person; it can be a feeling or an inanimate object. Attachments can be healthy when a relationship has unhealthy emotional development. People who have an emotional attachment disorder will display the following symptoms: They will be obsessive and possessive with their relationship Mood swings can be