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6 Ways You Can Release Your Inner Self To Be Your Truly Self

How to release your inner self can stump many people, but with practice, it can be done. Once we know that we can embrace who we truly are, life gets much more comfortable to live.

Which means we begin to follow our own rules!

It helps us to become more attuned to ourselves without sacrificing our real needs.

Embrace Your Authentic Self

Don’t become a definition of other people’s words, define yourself. Being the real you mean not having to fake yourself for anyone.

Express your opinions as you see it, being afraid of what others may think of us can be scary, but it can also be liberating to let others know how we feel.

Many times in that past I kept my words to myself. Meanwhile, the other person always walked all over me.  I guess one day I had enough and I snapped.

Let’s say that person did not talk to me again, which is probably a good thing because they probably couldn’t handle the real me.

Talk to Yourself With Positivity

It’s like you have two people sitting on your shoulders. One trying to build you up, the other one is tearing you down.

Usually,  the one doing the teardown wins. This results in us becoming our own blocks to success.

Not unusual to see. In my line of work, I have seen much of this.

We are continually pushing ourselves to be perfect everywhere. If even one little thing is out of order, it can start a downward spiral.

You’ve probably heard this so many times, but positivity does bring the results we need.

A way to start creating positivity talk is to look into the mirror. Tell yourself good things. No matter how much the imperfections try to get your attention, ignore them and keep praising yourself.

Eventually, a self-positive talk will become a habit. Remember your inner chatter is private, boost yourself up as much as you want.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

When our boundaries are limited to what we think we are capable of, it becomes impossible to step outside of them.

Hence the comfort zone encloses us into a self-contained prison from which it becomes hard to break free.

Due to my comfort zone, I missed out on many opportunities in life. One of my limiting thought was that I did not want anyone to see my writing.

Considering English is my second language, I wasn’t always comfortable writing in it. But then I learned people are so forgiving; it’s the message they come for not how my writing is showing up.

Once I got over this hiccup, I was able to start a blog, began my journey of sharing my experiences of being a self-help life coach.

Make No Excuses For Who You Are

We don’t owe anybody an excuse as to who we are. Most of us become who we are because of our experiences.

These other people have not walked in our shoes to experience what we have experienced, so they have no right to judge us. But sadly they will.

There was a time in my life when I felt everybody had to like me to understand what I was all about.

But now I realize there always going to be people who don’t share my values or thoughts.

You know what it’s okay with me because I like me.

Live With No Regrets

I had a family member who passed away, but the last thing they said to me was, “I wish I had taken my wife out on a honeymoon.”

It was a regret he died with. The sad thing was his wife heard it, she also lives with that regret now.

And then during my career counseling I talked to many people who were at the end of the line of their working life, a few of them had been unhappy with their jobs.

Seriously these people worked the same jobs for 30+ years only to regret what they had done. Why had it taken them so long to come to that conclusion?

Heck if I know, all I know is they now had regrets.

If something isn’t working then change it!

Let Your Inner Self Come Out to Play 

Remember when as a child you would climb trees or play tag without a care in the world. As we became adults life got serious.


Because we had to grow-up.

Growing up doesn’t mean taking the fun out of life. Yes, it means more responsibility, but not to ignore your needs to have fun, relax while kicking back.

I find the best way to get an excellent answer to what your inner self-wants are is to place a hand on your heart. Ask your question, without judgment or opinions, pay attention to the first impressions.

Indulge yourself with the healthy play your heart wants.

Now that you know you can embrace your inner self make sure you give that part of you lots of love, attention, and patience.

Eventually, you will come around to their way of thinking.

Let me know in comments which resonates with you to truly release your inner self.

If you find this article helpful, please share it so others can gain benefits as well.

4 thoughts on “6 Ways You Can Release Your Inner Self To Be Your Truly Self

  1. A lot of what you talk about here is great but also easier said than done. I live with many regrets as i was in a rock band and treated some people pretty nasty. I then turned to drugs and alcohol to hide the shame of things I have done. I did manage to make amends to some of the people I treated like crap but not all of them. I still battle with alcohol and try to push out the negative everyday. I am bookmarking this post because I really need to follow this step by step so I can be set free.

    Thank You For Sharing this I really needed to read it.


    1. Sorry to hear about your battles. Regrets are something which many of us will have during our lifetime. In the kindest way possible I would say that we can either learn from our regrets and move on or stay and let them keep reminding us that they are there. Hope things get better for you. Thank you for your comment

  2. Interesting web site, I not thought a lot about inner self, other than inspiration feelings I get when I read something positive. I love to be motivated but I guess at times I see that as an outward force pushing me instead of something within myself. Appreciate the time you took to write this post thank you.

     Sam Frederiksen 

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