Author: Jagi Egnell

6 Ways to Love Yourself Unconditionally

Love yourself unconditionally is something which is not taught to us. We were always taught to love others. During childhood, we were taught to give it away rather than receive it. When I was young, that’s precisely what I did. I gave love away to family/friends but never expected it back in any way whatsoever.

Sulbutiamine Benefits – Why You Should Include This Supplement In Your Daily Living

Sulbutiamine benefits outweigh the cons of not using this great supplement to receive the healing it provides. Many people get frightened due to the cons, not realizing the side effects are in most cases very rare. This supplement was first produced by the Japanese. It is a synthetic form of vitamin B1 (thiamine). Basically, it is

An Empowered Mind Will Help You Create Thoughtful Thinking – 4 Things You Can Implement Now to Make It Happen

What does an empowered mind have to do with thinking? Well let’s see, it’s our thinking which determines how we live our life. 24/7 we are always thinking about our day, life, family or whatever else is important to us. The list is endless and exhaustible. Why? Because our mind is fashioned to receive, store

How Can You Release Negative Health Behaviors? One Way is By Following the 5 Step Behavior Appreciation Pattern

Negative health behaviors can lead to unwanted patterns to develop in our psyche which leads us to have the same experience over and over again. Behavior pattern can be changed, but first, there has to be intent to change the behavior. Before we begin the five-step behavior appreciation pattern, you need to understand how patterns