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7 Best Inspirational Blogs Of 2019 You Need to Read

Do you ever find yourself looking for the best inspirational blogs to read?

Sometimes browsing through so many blogs can make it hard to find the blog post that inspires you.

There are many times where I need to deal with an issue I need to resolve or find a way to motivate myself to keep going.

The reason I need motivation is I fight a deadly disease every day. The only way for me to fight is to read inspiring posts that light the fire for me to keep fighting.

Blogs that I’ve listed below have helped me so much in the last few years to keep going.

Today I’m sharing them with you in the hopes that you will also find some insights as well motivation to keep going no matter what your circumstance.

get busy living

Get Busy Living

Benny Hsu started this blog many years ago. He started this blog with the intention of not having to live an extraordinarily busy life, but rather a simple life where he could dictate how he lives.

Some of us forget that it’s essential to not only pay attention to what we do work-wise, but we need to focus on just living our lives in a way we desire. He aims to teach his readers how to get busy living while inspiring us to live a more happy and fulfilled life.

tiny buddha

Tiny Buddha

This blog is run by Lori Deschene, who focuses on teaching others kindness and compassion. Many of her blog posts are based on the teachings of Buddha.

Although the teachings may reflect Buddhism, she also brings wisdom from other religions, traditions, and cultures, as well. She has spent much time on self-development as well as her spiritual growth.

Her message is simple, which is that wisdom can remove the complexity of daily living. She teaches that by living mindfully, we can learn to live in the moment of now.

the positivity blog

The Positivity Blog

This blog will provide you with a daily dose of positivity as well as deep inner wisdom.

You are presented with philosophies of legends past.

Such as:

  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Mark Twain
  • Bruce Lee

These are just a few of the legends that are shared in the positivity blog; there are many more. Henrick Elberg’s articles are thoroughly researched before written with beautiful prose.

His message is to teach his readers how to live a more conscious yet simple life. Each of his articles focuses on how to create new habits to replace old ones that no longer fulfill a need.

He hones in on how to improve self-discipline to be able to reach our highest self.

think simple now

Think Simple Now

Blog owner Tina Su is a successful woman who has gone on to create a blog that inspires others to create simple thoughts. In her articles, she covers everything from meditating, living simply, as well as creativity.

She talks about real-life issues and how to resolve them with a simple solution. Her blog helps others to find fulfillment in their lives as well as bring self-reflection stories of others to her readers.

Her passion is spreading happiness, which is a passion I gladly share.

steve pavlina

Steve Pavlina 

This blog has been around for years, quite possibly one of the oldest self-help blogs. The information in this blog still applies to life as it is now.

It’s one of my favorite blogs because Steve generally shares his life experiences. His words have a way of bringing clarity through, which helps my inner sight to recognize all that is happening around me.

brian tracyBrian Tracy

One of the best motivational speakers out there. Brian motivates people on sales as well as self-help. Brian dropped out of high school and started working odd jobs. It was during his 30s that he transformed his life when he discovered self-development.

Through his transformation, he followed a path to motivate others to become their very best. Each week Brian presents something new via his YouTube channel, Facebook page, as well as his blog.

Any time you read something on his blog, you will find you learn something new because the content is of high quality. 

“Eat That Frog” concept is something Brian is very well known for.

pick the brain

Pick The Brain

John Wesley has been operating his blog since 2006. Since then, he has grown it to a point where he’s brought in new members onto his team. The categories he focuses on our motivation, productivity, and health.

Each one of these is important to me. I need the motivation to get going in the morning, so his articles are easy on the eye for motivation. Lack of productivity is another issue I deal with, so to get motivated, I read his productivity posts.

Health is essential to me, as it goes up and down frequently. So I’m always looking for new tips on how to keep myself healthy to keep doing what I love doing. His blogs are easy to read. No extra jargon or lingo to stop me from reading.

His posts are easy to understand as well as to implement in my daily life. So there you have it, my best inspirational blogs where I go to read a post almost every day.

If I can’t do it in the morning, then most likely, you can find me reading one in the evening. No matter what I have to get, my motivation fixing every day!

Let me know in comments below what inspires you

12 thoughts on “7 Best Inspirational Blogs Of 2019 You Need to Read

  1. Every time I read your post I always enjoy it because they inspired me and the point is that your research on the 7 blogs worth it, I have bookmarked your website to always get updated about blogs that will inspire me to come to check on Tiny Buddha by Lori Deschene and pick the brain by John Wesley which emphasis is base on what we need to know.

  2. I really appreciate your article. I was wondering if there is any blog that is motivating and inspiring someone,  because I couldn’t find any motivational quotes or inspiring website. I was even thinking If i will create a blog for inspirational quotes. Believe me I find this your article very very interesting and motivating. Thanks a lot.

  3. Hey Jagi,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with tonnes of valuable information. From my perspective, I tend to think that the Positivity Blog is the best because of the fact that it covers real-life situations and improves your personal lifestyle. As a human being, you’ll learn how to be positive in life in any circumstance, and in doing so will help you do a lot of great things.

    Thanks a lot for taking your time in writing this blog. Keep up the good work Jagi!

  4. I feel privileged to read through this topic. i also want to wish you good health and strong mins in your fight against the disease. 

    Came across Tiny Buddha sometimes last year and its one of the most inspirational blogs out there as you have rightly stated. I will be sure to check out the rest of the blogs, as i am just like you seeking for inspiration, but this time for success and greatness in life! 

  5. You’re so right Jagi, apart from watching motivational videos, I love to read and do search for inspiring posts to read, It helps me to connect a little more and go at my own pace.

    What inspires me? The need to grow in all aspect of my life, to be a better version of myself that is. I know there is a greater purpose for my life. I was not given this awesome life just to be mediocre.

    1. Just like yourself, I enjoy reading as well. One motivating way to start the day is by reading one of these blogs. Thank you for your comment.

  6. Thank you for this. I wasn’t specifically looking for inspirational blog posts, but I do enjoy reading positive information and learning new things wherever I can. I will definitely be enjoying the sites you reviewed and shared.

    They all seem to be very positive and uplifting and that won’t hurt anyone.

    Have an amazing day, and thank you very much 😀

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