How Drinking More Water Benefits Recovery of the Colon From a Resection

Drinking more water benefits not only weight loss, but it also helps to recover from other life ailments,

Drinking water used to make me want to puke. I mean seriously it has no flavor, even if you add lemon wedges to it the taste is still missing.  

Growing up my Dad used to try to instill in us of how important water was.

Actually, he used to drink warm water all the time.

Whenever I would watch him drink water, I would feel this weird whole body convulsion, “like how he can drink just plain water.”

It wasn’t until I was older when I got into fitness that I realized the value of water.

But in all seriosity, it wasn’t until getting a colon resection due to cancer that I honestly could see the significance of what water could do for me.

In plain words, most of us have to see the value of what can happen for me, before the actual process of performing the task is undertaken.  I mean there is no way to get around that though, it just the way we are wired.

So back to what I learned about how important water is to my overall health. It’s like my lifeline if I don’t drink it I feel guilty because it’s like something is missing from my day.

Why does the colon require more water after colon resection?

My colon needs to be jump started each day. It’s almost like when you jumpstart your car when the battery has died, that’s how my colon has now become.

For my colon, the juice required is a pure glass of warm water without any dilutions to it.

Knowing that water makes up for more than 70% of our body, it is the barest necessity of our survival.

My colon used to be able to draw water at all times, but since I‘ve had the resection, it no longer pulls in the water as it used. The only way to keep it going is by hydrating at all times.

Not only do I drink water in the morning,  but I now fill a two-liter jug up, which helps me to stay accountable as well it also lets me how much water I’ve taken.

One thing I would say is don’t drink in massive amounts to just finish the drinking the water. Have it after every meal, this helps to get the digestive process moving as well it helps to start flushing the food down the colon.

Sort of like a toilet, as you know the toilet has to fill up with water to get things moving on down, so does our inner plumbing.

What can cause body dehydration?

Another thing I learned is that my body can become dehydrated if coffee, tea, soft drinks, fruit juices or alcohol is consumed.

Not saying don’t do it, but for every cup of coffee or tea you have, drink at least 3 cups of water to counteract the caffeine to stay hydrated.

If you can, avoid soft drinks and fruits juices altogether, because they are just plain bad news.

If you feel the urge to drink alcohol, make sure to have water on the side. Nothing like waking up in the morning wanting to get rid of 2-3 days of food, only to learn you are now dehydrated, all because water was put on the sidelines.

Yes, you read it right, I used to go every day, but now my new normal is every 2-3 days, that’s with drinking water. Neglect the water for a few days. I have to start all over again, which then means going 4-6 days later.

What’s my favorite thing about drinking water?

The thing that I really love about drinking water is that I don’t get gas or bloating, which was a common problem before where water was not such an essential part of my day.

Even as a personal trainer, I knew water was necessary, yet I was still a tea and coffee drinker, no matter how much I wanted a flat tummy, with the gas and bloating it just was not happening.

Of course, now I have to start all over, but this time my friend water is on my side, I know I will finally gain that flat stomach, or least a somewhat semblance of it considering I have given birth four times.

If I drink anything other than water my colon lets me know by irritations it feels. I have learned to love and respect my colon. Considering all the work it does for me, the least I can do is keep it happy.

I feel kind of sad that it took an illness to start paying attention to this part of my body. In the past, I had always taken my colon for granted.

Most people even the ones who don’t have cancer, get the sensations of what an unhappy colon sounds like.

Sadly not many pay attention as they go on about their daily lives not putting too much importance into this significant piece of very complicated machinery, which has to perform a host of tasks to make sure our waste is eliminated without causing us any damage.

It’s taken me a while to realize that drinking more water benefits me in a way no other drink ever would. 

I also recognize now that if my colon cares about me, I definitely have to care about it as well by maintaining its hydration.

Comment below what you think are the benefits of drinking water during recovery.

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