4 Effective Ways to Beat Your Emotional Attachment Disorder Into Submission

An emotional attachment disorder does not only relate to a person; it can be a feeling or an inanimate object.

Attachments can be healthy when a relationship has unhealthy emotional development.

People who have an emotional attachment disorder will display the following symptoms:

  • They will be obsessive and possessive with their relationship
  • Mood swings can be with extreme emotions
  • They will feel underappreciated
  • Angry and hostile
  • Will not trust or rely on others

For some people, emotional attachment issues can lead to conflict with others as well as not being able to take responsibility for your actions. It can also cause a person to be manipulative, have cruel behavior as well resort to lying with a lack of empathy.

Emotional attachments can get pretty heavy at times. They can weigh a person down so much, that it becomes hard to get back up.

Why does it become hard to get back up?

It becomes hard because some people give up on life, others give up on their dreams, yet still, there are some who will give up on themselves.

Pretty sad don’t you think!

At one time I thought I had an emotional attachment disorder as well, but luckily I was able to overcome it with fresh thinking. Not only that but I was also able to learn how to put myself first.

How to be free of an emotional attachment disorder

Put Yourself First

Back in the day of my youth, I used to think that if I didn’t put someone else first, they would stop liking me. I was so afraid of losing others love as well as the connection that in hindsight I realize now I missed a link to myself.

I now realize the reality is people will always judge me. Be it good or bad.

Nowadays I would rather spend energy and time with being who I honestly am. It’s not my fault that others have a problem understanding. That’s their issue.

I realize it may be difficult for people to understand who I am. But if they want to be in my life, then they will have to adjust to the new me.

At one time I wanted to be in people’s lives because I thought it would bring more value to my life. I would be frustrated if my inclusion were not involved. These days my thoughts are I have just as much value as they do.

If they want to be in my life, they will make it a priority.

Know That Things Come and Go

One time many years ago I bought myself a new car. Okay, so it wasn’t exactly new. It was about ten years old.

It was the first car I had ever owned. So getting attached to my vehicle emotionally was bound to happen.

About two years after owning the car, sadly my car broke down. It broke down to the point where the radiator was being held together by the dirt piled in there.

Now don’t get me wrong I washed my car quite often!

It was probably all the grime and oil which was holding it all together. I went into the mechanic shop to get it repaired, but it was irreparable.

But because this was my first car I wanted it repaired no matter what the cost. Laughingly, the mechanics were okay to take my money. What did it bother them that I was trying to get a car fixed which wasn’t even worth fixing?

Due to the attachment, I had to this car which was unhealthy. I spent a lot of money trying to get it fixed.

As you can tell my emotional attachment to this vehicle became a money pit.

It took me a few years to realize this vehicle was financially taking me down. That’s when I decided to get a different vehicle.

It was also the time where I learned a valuable lesson which was that things come and go. Nothing is forever.

Find a Hobby

Now finding a hobby is probably not the easiest thing to do. But believe me, once you have a hobby you can use that to get over any emotional attachment you may have.

How will you get over an attachment?

Having a hobby will help you go over an attachment by directing your attention elsewhere. When we’re going through some heavy times, distractions work the best.

Hobbies are great distractions!

My hobby is sewing. I love designing clothes as well as putting them together to have a final product.

When I got dealt with a blow of cancer, I had a tough time directing my attention anywhere else. There were times my focus would be towards being ill as well eventually dying of the illness.

Happily, I have two daughters who love to get their traditional outfits sewn by myself. So I had no time to direct my attention anywhere else but the project I was working doing at the time.

By having this hobby, I was able to get away from thinking about my illness. This escape helped me to deal with the disease at the most crucial time in my life.

Give Yourself Time to Recover

Given that family members expect us to jump right back into life after an emotional setback can lead to resentment.

You know what? It’s okay to give yourself time to recover. Your emotional investment is massive in whatever it is that’s causing the issue. 

Now you need to be emotionally invested in yourself to make a recovery. It’s not 123 I’m done.

It takes a lot longer than that to recover. Don’t let others expectations of you become your reality.

If I had let cancer become my reality, I would not be here writing or doing what I’m doing right now.


Because I would’ve let cancer consume me, I knew I needed to recover. I also knew it wasn’t going to happen in a day. I gave myself a lot of time for it to take place.

If I had tried to recover as quickly as possible, I would’ve been with the one who would’ve been frustrated.

Frustration would’ve just led me to more letdowns!

An emotional attachment disorder is not only unhealthy, but it takes you away from living your life on your terms. By learning to live life on your terms you give yourself that much of an edge to be prosperous in everything you do.

Let me know in comments below how you let go of attachments that are unhealthy for you.

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12 thoughts on “4 Effective Ways to Beat Your Emotional Attachment Disorder Into Submission”

  1. Hello Jagi, great article. I have been dealing with emotional attachment disorder for a while, and I been feeling depressed and have serious trust issues. I have learned that I needed to start putting myself first, and letting go of things that won’t last forever. I also have a couple of hobbies that I love so much: Retro Game Collecting, and Sneaker Collecting. These help me keep my mind off my issues, and not be so sad all of the time. 

    Thanks again, and continue to do what you do!!

    1. Sorry that you’ve been having a tough time dealing with emotional attachment disorder. Depression as well serious trust issues are very dominant when emotions are involved. Your writing putting yourself first because nothing is forever. Glad that you have hobbies that help you to take your mind off of issues. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Jagi, I read your article and I thought it was written to describe my emotional status.  I’m trying to recover from a possible break up. i’ve been with the love of my life for over  20 years now. Some months ago I caught him cheating on me on the net. I left him and leaving him means returning to my country. He managed to find my new number and started texting me. Things aren’t clean between us, too many ups and downs . As a result I started suffering from long panic attacks and intense anxiety just thinking of my life without him. You are right, hobbies are an excellent way not to remember. Will the pain go away or I’ll have to get used to living with it? ? 

    1. Sorry to hear that you are trying to get over a break-up. I have an article in here relating to how to break Silver threads of grief, this technique also works with getting over heartbreak. This technique works fairly quickly and will help to get rid of the pain as well. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Hi Jagi!, looking at your post on effective ways to beat one’s emotional attachment disorder. Emotional attachment disorder is truly causing lots of harm as most people that experience such disorder (if care is not taken) often results to suicide attempts. Your tips on how to be free of an emotional attachment disorder is great, especially knowing that ‘things come and go’ One needs to be calm and know that each phase of life no matter the trials will still pass. Nothing last for ever as change is the only constant thing.

    1. I agree with you; emotional attachment disorders do end up causing a lot of harm unless precautions are put into place before the situation gets out of hand. Your right nothing lasts forever as change is the only constant thing. Thank you for your comment

  4. Thank you for this post, I find it really a great joy to stumble on your post, I have been experiencing mood swings for some few years now and it is always challenging to go through this. Thanks for providing this four steps to effectively beat emotional attachment. I will bookmark the post and read over again. 

    1. Glad that you found yourself stumbled upon my post. Mood swings, especially if there is an attachment disorder which involves being emotionally invested, can be hard to beat.Thank you for your comment.

  5. Wow, I couldn’t stop reading your post. It makes me feel good to know how to handle an attachment and emotional attachment to things and circumstances, that I wish I had back in my life, and now I know the 4 steps to help me overcome emotional attachment disorder. This was eye-opening and also made me feel more sympathetic to others in the same situation, so thanks for the guidance and support. You’re a true life coach! 

    1. Glad that you found my post helpful. Emotional attachment disorders can make it difficult to live a very fulfilled life. Thank you for your comment.

  6. Sujandar Mahesan

    In my opinion every single human being in this world will have Emotional Attachment Disorder at least once in their life. Sometimes it hits people really hard and we don’t know how to get over come it. This article helps us with overcoming that and taking our mindset of it.

    Thank you for sharing this article.

    1. I agree with you. We’ve all had some type of attachment disorder with something which probably meant a lot to us. Thank you for your comment.

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