short inspirational poem

Short Inspirational Poem

Today I was working on myself and wrote a short inspirational poem. Hope you all like as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

dark lonely night…When thoughts run astray…facing my worst fears…seconds slowly tick by…teasing me with their clicking sound…the one odd click brings me back…that’s when I realize…I am strong, I am enough

It’s one of those days when just a couple of lines of words are enough to get the strength back. I’ve always enjoyed writing, the expression not so much. Something really has to happen for that to happen. 

Today was such a day. My chemotherapy was not settling the way it usually does. Although I  have my whole family around, sometimes the thoughts get better of me.

But then I realize I have grace and healing upon me. Those are the times I try to capture the fleeting thoughts to know I am truly strong, who knows the capability of healing thoughts.

I am truly blessed to be alive. 

10 thoughts on “Short Inspirational Poem

  1. Hi! Jagi

    I have read your poem and it is very inspiring. You are a very talented poet!

    I continued to read your story and for sure you are a very strong woman. With all the health challenges you passing through, you have said it well. you can help someone who is facing a similar situation but is almost losing hope.

    The power to believe and being positive to situation is the message I am getting. I too get discouraged but reading the information on your website it will be very helpful to me too.

    May all peace and happiness be with you.



    1. Glad you found my poem to your liking. Talented (probably not so much), but thank you for the compliment. Staying positive is tough when fighting an illness. I have to say though it can happen. Thank you for your comment. 

  2. I love random thoughts such as yours. When in the dark lonely spaces of our mind just one little thought from deep inside us is enough to bring us back and allows us to see the peace and healing in our strength. I write about rewiring your negative thoughts into positive on a daily basis. Our minds are powerful and with allowing positivity into our subconscious our minds help in our physical healing as well as emotional healing. All the best to you.

    1. Random thoughts make great words to get a message across. You are right our minds are powerful, they can get us to think whatever way they want. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Nice article there and I like the inspiration poem you start with. And I must tell you I enjoyed it and every part of the article 

    the article is short but it feels with inspiration.i like the end part of the article which say :I have grace and healing upon me. Those are the times I try to capture the fleeting thoughts to know I am truly strong, thanks for the inspiration words 

  4. Hello Jagi:

    I have been a fan of poetry myself and when I was dating my Bride. I would think of our relationship going forward and the thoughts, dreams and Ideas that I had for us both. I no longer write for her. Why I’m not sure. When I did it sure made an impression on her.

    I find poetry very relaxing when I read or right it. I like your deep passion and your strength about what you are going through. It’s great that your family is around you for love and support.your positive additude and strength will get you through most anything. Keep doing what you are doing it becomes contagious.

    Thank you,

    Brian E.

    1. Poetry has a way with wordplay which otherwise would not play. I’ve always enjoyed writing, but poetry not so much. Much has to happen before an overwhelming flow of words come out. Thank you for your comment.

  5. Sometimes a small word can mean a million things. It can help bring strength almost instantly. Our loved ones around us are definitely caring and there for us but sometimes we just have to encourage ourselves with our own words and draw strength from it so we can continue living a fruitful and healthy life.

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