Short Inspirational Poem

Today I was working on myself and wrote a short inspirational poem. Hope you all like as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

dark lonely night…When thoughts run astray…facing my worst fears…seconds slowly tick by…teasing me with their clicking sound…the one odd click brings me back…that’s when I realize…I am strong, I am enough

It’s one of those days when just a couple of lines of words are enough to get the strength back. I’ve always enjoyed writing, the expression not so much. Something really has to happen for that to happen. 

Today was such a day. My chemotherapy was not settling the way it usually does. Although I  have my whole family around, sometimes the thoughts get better of me.

But then I realize I have grace and healing upon me. Those are the times I try to capture the fleeting thoughts to know I am truly strong, who knows the capability of healing thoughts.

I am truly blessed to be alive. 


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